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The Great American Barber

The American Barber.


There was once a time when a man’s barber was his best friend. It was an unbreakable bond. The barber was a confidant, a therapist, an adviser and a brother. If ever a man had an appoint to keep, a deal to make, a maiden to court, the barber was this man’s trusted trainer.

In today’s fast-paced, digital world, this institution has fallen by the wayside. It is a victim of the incessant timesaving, corner-cutting economy. The bargain bin, cheap salons and hair-cutteries do come at a cost though.

Once a pillar of all American communities, from the biggest metropolis to the smallest mainstreet, the American barbershop is fading quickly. There is no longer a place for men to go for a hot lather shave or to simply speak his mind of the buzz of clippers and the pattering snip of a pair of shears.

Times are changing yet again. People see the value of a fine haircut and a clean shave because they have become so hard to find. Barber Shop Sharp is an ambassador for small barber shops everywhere. We believe that a man needs a barber, now more than ever. If he wants to look good and feel good, the only recourse is to seek out one of the few remaining havens of true Americana.


He needs a barber like his grandfather had.


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